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A range of options is available with 2100mm high x1200mm wide being a common panel size. For a semi-permanent fixing our framing system allows us to install the mirror without glues and with hard fixings only onto the perimeter frame. This may be powder-coated to suit your studio or the standard anodised finish. All of these combine perfectly with the Impactamirror™ system, which secretly locates the glass onto the wall at the centre.  Our mirrors are also available using an acrylic mirror or ‘Mylar magic’.

We supply fixed glass mirrors nationally but we are also happy to supply materials only (ex glass) and advice as to installation.

We have developed two systems with particular emphasis on safety and transportability:

ImpactaMirror™ was developed as a response to increased demand for exceptional visual qualities and safety standards. The ImpactaMirror™ system is designed with a high impact cushion backing, which minimises the need for preparing the background wall to receive mirror surfaces. The system is designed so that should you move premises, your mirror investment can move with you

Mylar mirrors are the safest mirror available. The Mylar is made of a thin, super reflective film, stretched over a sturdy lightweight aluminium frame.

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