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Thank you for investing in our beautiful portable barre. Assembly is straightforward and of course, you can reverse the procedure if you need to store it away or travel with it.


Degree of Difficulty

5 Pointe Shoes = Call a professional

1 Pointe Shoe = Home handy man easy job

  1. First, unwrap your barre and check that you have received all of the pieces.

  2. For ease and safety, this is a two-person job.

  3. Loosen the grub screws with the Allen Key, these are already set into the #5T’s, see below, then place lower legs into feet #5 T’s and loosely tighten with the thumbscrews. This is the knob you will use if you wish to make the feet parallel for storage.

  4. Insert the bracer barre into the #5 T’s at each end, loosely tighten. Your barre should be stable enough to stand alone at this point.

  5. Loosen the grub screws with the Allen Key on the #5T’s so that the upper legs fit in easily. See right

  6. Attach the upper-end legs to the timber barre by aligning pre-drilled holes and loosely tighten.

  7. With two people, lift the barre and upper legs into position and set into T’s.

  8. Tighten all screws, always tightening the bolt across from the one previously tightened, similar to how you would draw a star. This will ensure that the barre is stable and all screw points are bearing the load equally


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