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Tarkett Dansflor is one of the best ballet surfaces on offer in Australia today. Tarkett is one of the largest producers and distributors of resilient floorings worldwide and the word "Tarkett" is now synonymous for vinyl dance floors.

This 100 year old company joined the ballet world as a result of an Australian intervention. In 1974 Bill Akers, then working as Production Director for the Australian Ballet, was requested by the American Choreographer Glen Tetley to improve on the humidity affected Marley Floor that was in use at the time. In consultation with Tarkett "Dansflor" was born and taken to the world by the Australian Ballet. In can be found in the Sydney Opera House and every major Arts Centre in Australia.

Great permanent vinyl for professional studios. Also works very well in theatres and in touring applications.

Excellent ballet floor but works equally well for all styles of dance, events, shows and theatre.

**Not suited to hard shoe styles such as Tap, Flamenco or Irish Dance**

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