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We have a range of mirrors, from wall mounted to rollaway styles in traditional glass, acrylic and mylar, as well as our patented ImpactaMirror TM.

Mylar mirrors are the safest mirrors available. Mylar is made of a thin, super reflective film, stretched over a sturdy lightweight aluminium frame, Mylar mirrors are the perfect replacement for heavy, traditional glass mirrors in environments such as gyms, physical therapy centres, schools, theatres, building lobbies, or anywhere else that you would need a high quality, lightweight, unbreakable reflective surface. The film has a better reflective image than glass and cannot cut or cause injury. This also means that if they do manage to fall over, the mirror might be damaged but the student won't! If the film is accidentally indented it can be flattened out by using a hair-dryer on a low setting to re-shrink the stretched area of film.

These can be wall-mounted, as you would a large print.


Glass mirrors are the most common variety found and most people associated mirrors with glass. They give a good reflection and can be made to larger sizes than the other mirror types listed here. Due to the fragile nature and weight of glass, we don't deliver these outside the Sydney metro area. Wall mounting does require an individual quote.


ImpactaMirror TM was developed as a response to increased demand for exceptional visual qualities and safety standards. The Impactamirror™ system is designed with a high impact cushion backing, which minimises the need for preparing the background wall to receive mirror surfaces. The system is designed so that should you move premises, your mirror investment can move with you.

Acrylic mirrors are safer than glass as they can't shatter but will, over time become

cloudy from tiny scratches if not well cared for. A mirror cover and regular cleaning

with a microfibre cloth will extend the life of the mirror. These mirrors have a

reputation of warping if subjected to temperature variations. They can be quite

heavy, at about 40kg each. Our range of wall-mounted Wild Child mirrors have been

developed for use in high care situations and are almost indestructible.


Our Rollaway Mirrors come with locking casters on diagonally opposite feet so that they can't run away from you. We can also supply Mirror Covers to protect your mirror when you're not using it. These are made from 330gsm black Molton cloth which helps protect the surface from damage (eg: flying balls) as well as dust and scratches. For added convenience, we can customize your rollaway mirrors to accommodate whiteboards or pinboards on the reverse side.