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STM Studio Supplies can supply an extensive range of track and drape options for both performance and commercial environments. Theatre curtain information can be downloaded from our website, stage layout and guide can also be downloaded here.


Performance curtain weights are typically between 470–520 gsm/m2 . GSM is simply grams per square metre. The higher the number the more dense the fabric is, which in return can help block more sound and possibly more light.


Many people mistake fire retardant for fireproof. These terms are not interchangeable. Fire retarded fabrics WILL still burn, they are just more resistant to heat and offer more protection than fabrics that have no fire retarding capabilities at all. In comparison, fireproof fabrics will not burn at all.

Curtains are equally suitable for dance and multi use environments. With their inherent acoustic advantages they can be used to create a Black Box environment or to cover mirrors for exams and other situations where reflections are undesirable.

For decorative applications and to coordinate with our acoustic range, http://www.stmstudiosupplies.com/products-acoustic-treatments/acoustic-overview.htm

Fabrics may be supplied by you or selected from suppliers such as:


Sparkk Fabrics https://www.sparkk.com.au/

Textile Mania http://textilemania.com/

Emily Ziz Fabrics https://www.emilyziz.com/

New Zealand:

James Dunlop Textiles http://jamesdunloptextiles.com/

Your own design digital patterns can be printed on a range of high performance upholstery fabrics as well as sheers, waterproof cloths, acoustic products and drapery fabrics