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“The heart and soul of a dance studio is the floor”

Concrete floors and other solid surfaces are the mortal enemies of the dancer and dance teacher. They have no resilience or shock absorption; they are an invitation to ankle, knee and hip injury and can permanently damage growing bodies. Correct shock  absorption reduces fatigue and significantly reduces the potential for  shin splints and other common injuries. It reduces the strain that comes with turning and pivoting movements, and, with the  correct top layer, increases foot stability & reduces rolling.

STM Studio Supplies has been developing, testing, and gathering feedback from all sources to be able to present the most cost effective sprung flooring in Australia. We have devised a system that reduces your financial outlay whilst still providing your dancers and teachers an appropriate dance floor.


There are effectively 2 options available – “Plug & Play” or “DIY” - with Ramped Edging as an optional extra.

In the Plug & Play option, we will supply all elements pre-cut and ready to install, including widened grooves, and end-matching for ease of installation.

In the DIY alternative, we will supply all the clever bits, and you buy the flooring plywood (Ply) sheet from your local hardware or timber supplier.  Bunnings, for example, offers cutting services and delivery.

In both instances we will supply detailed installation instructions, and in the DIY version we will also supply a template to enable the easy positioning of your pads.


Plug & Play

$1253 (inc GST) with Everydance vinyl

$1153 (inc GST) with Broadway vinyl

Kit includes:

  • 2 ply sheets @ 2400mm x 1025mm (with Pads already attached)

  • 2 ply sheets @ 1200mm x 1025mm (with Pads already attached)

  • 11.2m @ 50mm x 15mm edge batten timber (with Rubber Strip attached)

  • 1 roll Joining Tape

  • 3.6m x 2m Everydance or Broadway vinyl

  • Installation Instructions

  • Ramped Edging (optional, additional $44 inc GST per linear metre​)


$914 (inc GST) with Everydance vinyl

$814 (inc GST) with Broadway vinyl

Kit includes:

  • 45 @ 60x60x15mm Floor Pads

  • 6 @ 120x60x15mm Floor Pads

  • Template (for Pads)

  • Slot Cutter Set

  • 11.2m @ 50mm x 3mm Rubber Strip

  • 3.6m x 2m Everydance or Broadway vinyl

  • 1 roll Joining Tape

  • Installation Instructions

  • Ramped Edging (optional, additional $44 inc GST per linear metre)​


You buy from your local timber supplier:

  • 3 Plywood Sheets @ (2400mm x 1200mm x 15mm Tongue & Groove CD-grade -  get them to cut to 1025mm wide, if possible)












Why a brick pattern? 

This is stronger than straight lines of ply sheet.

How is the ply "locked" together?

Edge batten or Edge Ramping holds the ply in place.

Why use Edge Ramping?

It avoids a trip hazard.

Do STM supply the Edge batten?

Only in the Plug & Play option.

STM Modular Floor & STM Comfort Floor info also available.

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