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Without the protective coating of regular vinyl, combined with the porous nature of PVC, the wrong cleaner can do long term damage to your expensive dance floor. Regular cleaning requires a neutral pH detergent. Welcome, Sadie Suds! A concentrated dance floor cleaner ideal for dance floor vinyl and polished timber floors offering a streak-free finish. Not only is Sadie neutral pH, she still has the punch to remove heavy grime and soil, and can be used to cut back floor finishes by leaving on the surface several minutes prior and scrubbing with a red or blue pad.

Suitable for vinyl and sealed timber floors

• pH neutral, gentle and free-rinsing

• Will not leave behind a greasy, sticky or slippery residue

• Offers a fresh clean citrus fragrance

• Non-hazardous, biodegradable formula

Sadie Suds is a purpose-designed concentrate companion product to ROZZIE and will have

your dance floors clean, safe and hygienic in double time.

Sadie Suds is PH neutral, which means it won’t affect the plasticizers in dance floor vinyl, plasticizers are what keep the vinyl flexible, essential in a floor designed to move. Most commercially available cleaners are either slightly acidic or slightly alkaline, both of which might adversely affect vinyl flooring over time.

Sadie Suds can be used wherever effective soil removal with gentle action is required. This product is also suitable for use in floor scrubbing machines. Use at least once a week or fortnight, depending on traffic, to keep your floor clean and hygienic. Nearly 90% of all slippery floor issues are a result of residue build-up from soap combined with the adherent dirt.