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Rosin is the solidified resin from pine trees and consists primarily of abietic acid and other resin acids. Also called colophony or Greek Pitch, it is the crystallised substance that has been used in dance studios and performance stages with timber floors for many generations! Any dancer of a certain age can clearly recall the particular piney scent and sticky residue emanating from the rosin box.
It can mark and damage dance floor vinyl due to the abrasive nature of both the crystals and the way in which it is applied.
Dance company crew often refer to the box in which it is placed, and subsequently stepped on, crushed and ground onto the surface, and often the inner heel parts of the shoes, as the "litter box".
A necessary evil in the past to prevent slipping but difficult to clean and it of course gets into everything!
STM Studio Supplies do stock a product that is a great, safer and easier to use. Turn your slip to grip! ROZZIE is the wash on solution that ensures non slip safety on all floor surfaces. Suitable for wood, tile, vinyl, linoleum and most importantly, dance floor vinyls. We have launched our accompanying cleaners, "Sadie Suds" for everyday cleaning & “Dirty Di” for heavy duty cleaning. ROZZIE is simply diluted with water and mopped onto the surface, it can also be placed in a spray bottle for touch ups on areas that might have come into contact with oils, lotions and potions!