Tensorgrip® F40 is a highly aggressive adhesive for all demanding foam, fabric upholstery and carpet applications.

Designed for versatility with a long open time and high tack level with excellent strength for bonding a wide variety of substrates including foam, fabrics, upholstery, plywood, MDF and many others.

Tensorgrip F40 Adhesive - 500ml Aerosol

  • Solids Content: 30.0% +/- 2.0%

    Viscosity: 300 cps +/- 50 cps

    Specific Gravity: 0.66 to 0.70

    Failure Temp: > 95°C

    Open time: 1 hour

    Colour: Clear or Green

    Flammability: Flammable adhesive with a flammable propellant

    Dry time: 3-5 mins

    Shelf life: 18 months from date of manufacture