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The wrong cleaner can do long term damage to your expensive dance floor. Regular cleaning requires a neutral pH detergent.

Welcome Sadie Suds! A concentrated dance floor cleaner ideal for dance floor vinyl and polished timber floors offering a streak free finish. It has the punch to remove heavy grime and soil, and can be used to cut back floor finishes by leaving on the surface a several minutes prior and scrubbing with a red or blue pad.


Use at least once a week or fortnight, depending on traffic, to keep your floor clean and hygienic. Nearly 90% of all slippery floor issues are a result of residue build up from soap combined with the adherent dirt.

Super Sadie - Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant

Sadie Suds
  • Suitable for vinyl and sealed timber floors

    • 1L & 5L bottles
    • pH neutral, gentle and free-rinsing

    • Non-greasy, sticky or slippery residue finish

    • Fresh clean citrus fragrance

    • Non-hazardous, biodegradable formula

    • Effective soil-removal

    • Floor scrubbing machine suitable 

    • Plasticizer-friendly; keep vinyl flexible

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