STM Studio Supplies has a new and exciting product to add to our growing floor care range!

If your floor has become an ice skating rink get ROZZIE on the job to guarantee a safe and reliable dance floor.

Turn your slip to grip! ROZZIE is the wash on solution that ensures non slip safety on all floor surfaces. Suitable for wood, tile, vinyl, linoleum and most importantly, dance floor vinyls.

So say goodbye to the rosin box forever! Theatre crew refer to it as the "litter box” for good reason, messy, sticky and gets into everything! The abrasive nature of both the rosin and the way in which it is applied will mark and damage

dance floor vinyl and build up over time. ROZZIE is the perfect substitute for rosin

ROZZIE is a liquid so it won’t damage any surface and can be diluted to suit your dance styles and floor preferences

ROZZIE can be used as required, depending how slippery your floor has become
ROZZIE can be mixed in a spray bottle to spritz away problem areas and for spot coverage
ROZZIE must be applied to a thoroughly clean floor, see our informative floor care guide for suggestions ROZZIE will keep your floors safe, your students secure and your bookkeeper very happy!
ROZZIE sisters Sadie Suds and Dirty Di are our new dancefloor cleaners

Rozzie - Dance Floor Grip Treatment