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JuJu Performance Clear is a Xylene based clear coat resin designed to match the slip co-efficient required for dance floors within the European Standard EN14904 friction range of 80-110 in which friction must be high enough to prevent early and uncontrollable sliding of performers on the surface, but also low enough to allow slipping at extremely high forces generated by the players during sports activities.

Tested locally to AS/NZ Standard 4586-2014. as P2 and suitable for pedestrian surfaces.


JuJu Performance Clear can be used over most existing surfaces but should be first tested for adhesion particularly on two pack undercoats. Two coats over a primer are generally required with a typical coverage of coverage 10m2/litre.

Cold and moist conditions can dramatically affect drying times between coats.


A coat of primer prior to Juju® application is required.

Leave to cure for 24 hours at 20C before applying the first coat of Juju®


STM Studio Supplies researches and updates the product list by listening to customers and practical installation by ourselves.


To enable constant improvement all and any feedback is most appreciated.

JuJu Performance Clear

  • I want a coloured finish to my floor, what type of paint can I safely use with Juju?

    Most matt or low sheen acrylic paints are ok. We recommend and supply Rosco Tough Prime for black or grey floors

    Why do you recommend water borne primer?

    Non-toxic ✔ Wear resistant ✔ Easy Application Won’t react adversely with the Juju ✔ Water clean ✔ Fast drying✔

    Why can’t I use a 2 - pack sealer?

    ×It will resist other chemically based products i.e. other paints, in this instance Juju. Put simply, all paints chemically attach themselves to what is underneath them. In this instance the solvent Xylene eats into the material below creating the bond.
    This is assisted by scoring the surface to create a “tooth” or access path.

    × 2 pack materials “resist” abrasion and form an impervious sealed layer that unfortunately is also “thermo-elastic”
    This means that they heat up when abraded causing clogging up any sandpaper or sanding screens.

    × This in turn means it will be very hard to remove; we have on occasion had to use concrete grinding equipment to make good a badly prepared floor.

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