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JuJu Digi range provides the same optimal properties as that to your digital green or blue screen would and with its ultra-mat gloss level will not reflect light and corrupt the key.


Manufactured using single-source pigments highly specific spectrum resulting in a bright, narrow bandwidth of green or blue that make it both simple to light and easy to key with consistent luminance and RGB values created.


Green is the most commonly used for digital cameras with the chip in most of them being more sensitive to this hue than to  blue.


  • It is essential that the surface be primed white prior to application and a minimum of two coats evenly applied.
  • Expect coverage of around 6-7m2 with a 10- 12mm roller  and generally apply in an X-Y arrangement with subsequent coats going in an opposing direction from that before
    • This process needs to be repeated with subsequent re-coats with a white base coat to start



STM Studio Supplies researches and updates the product list by listening to customers and practical installation by ourselves.


To enable constant improvement all and any feedback is most appreciated.

JuJu Digi Green

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