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Dancers, actors, & gymnasts have used mirrors to correct posture, alignment and to enhance technique for many years. For these disciplines it is a simple matter of performing exercises using the mirror as a visual cue for mind/body attunement. The use of Lane Mirrors is a common practice in North America and now available to Australian swimmers.


A single mirror will transform your teaching style and efficacy, especially with younger students. The kids learn to use them quickly and love them.
A number of mirrors laid in a lane will give the level of technical reinforcement that in the past could only be fully appreciated by land based disciplines. The swimmers can see their stroke patterns and can make corrections as they swim.

Harbour Lane Mirrors

    • 3 Swim-friendly sizes to choose from! 

    • Shatterproof & lightweight

    • Available in various sizes

    • Stays put on the bottom of the pool or can be hung on the side

    • Pool friendly

    • Rounded corners, no sharp edge

    • Webbing carry handle

    • Handy Riostop nylon carry case also available

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