This patent pending adapter allows you to use tapes with a centre hole around 3" With all the same functions as before but with your tapes of your choice



We wanted to make a quality product that would last for years so we haven't stinted on materials 

  • Stainless Steel Shaft

  • Quality Bearings

  • Solid Acetal Locating Cones and Spacer

  • Generously Sized 2" Solid Metal Knurled Thumb-screw 

  • Accepts CoreLock™



  • The spindle measures at 125mm long

  • The thumbscrew has 50mm diameter

  • The bearing is 22mm in diameter

  • The centre cones have a 78mm diameter

  •  The spacer is 29mm x 10mm 

  • With all non-ferrous parts the GGM8 wont be affected by moisture and dis-inclined to rust

  • The GGM8 has been designed without sharp edges for ease and safety of handling

  • Spare parts will be available in the unlikely event that you break any of the robustly built pieces

  • Comes with a 5 year limited warranty  

GGM8 - Gaffgun Tape Adapter