The Autex Cube Panel is a high density lightweight material made out of 100% polyester fibres. It is completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritant.

  • Designed with flexibility without the need for edging or capping
  • Increases privacy in open offices by reducing reverberation assisting in controlling background chatter
  • Ideally suited for office cube screen manufacture, partition dividers or as a pre-finished acoustic panel

Autex CUBE Panel 6-24mm (per box)

  • Product


    per box

    Panel Price

    $ per panel

    25mm Nude White Panel      6    $161.00

    25mm Nude Black Panel

    6 $192.00

    50mm Nude White Panel

    3 $237.00
    50mm Nude Black Panel 3 $277.00
    75mm Nude White Panel 2 $385.00
    75mm Nude Black Panel 2 $415.00
    100mm Nude White Panel 1 $555.00
    100mm Nude Black Panel 1 $585.00


    • For online order: 1 quantity = 1 box = 6x25mm / 3x50mm panels
    • Minimum order quantity applies (per colour) for 75mm panel (3 boxes) and for 100mm (6 boxes). Please contact us to order these sizes.
    • Price include 10% GST