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First things first

  • Unwrap your consignment and check that you have received all of the pieces; timber, stanchions and fixings, itemised on your packing list.

  • Refer to the spacing template provided, measure carefully and place the stanchions in position, approx. 300mm from the wall to the front of the baseplate.

  • For ease and safety, this is a two-person job.


  • As the wall is unlikely to be true, mark a common line to ensure that the stanchions are exactly in line.

Prepare the Floor

  • If into a carpet, first use a craft knife to cut a hole in the carpet to prevent the drill bit grabbing and tearing the carpet

  • If directly into a concrete slab, use anchor bolts provided and drill a 10mm hole with a masonry bit

  • If fixing into timber use a 5mm timber bit as a pilot hole for your coach screws

  • If drilling through timber then concrete, first use a 13mm timber bit through the timber then change to a masonry bit

  • If there is an offset between the timber floor and the concrete slab you might need to use a sole plate to fill the void

  • If the depth is greater than 25mm to the slab use a 10mm stud, combined with Chemset and drill a 12mm hole to accommodate the adhesive

Fix the Stanchions

  • Begin fixing at one end and work sequentially down the line

  • Do not fully tighten the fixings until the height and orientation has been finalised

  • Use a string or laser level to check heights

  • Use a horseshoe style packer under the base plate if required

  • When all heights are level, tighten the fixings, small adjustments can be made with a large wrench such as a Stilson

  • Take care to protect the surface of the stanchion when adjusting to avoid scratches or marks

Place the Timber

Refer to the spacing template provided and place the timber in order as shown on the layout, top-line shown here as 2400mm, 2160mm & 2420mm, joins should line up with the stanchion centres/ With the timber in place, mark and pre-drill holes with a 3mm drill bit to match stanchion placement , indicated by Joiner. Press fit into predrilled receivers in the barres. Fix with the 8 gauge 25mm screws supplied, taking care not to overtighten. Finally, using a spirit level, check that the barre is even, wipe down with low strength, mild detergent and your barre is ready for use.