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Mirrorlite™ Mylar Glassless Mirrors are a technological breakthrough. They offer unparalleled safety and ease of installation. Because they are not made with glass, they offer several benefits over traditional glass mirrors, such as being super lightweight, completely shatterproof and have the ability to be installed just about anywhere.


As the mirror film has so little mass and the air space behind the film is ventilated through the core, a Mirrorlite™ Mirror is virtually free from condensation and fog in areas such as bathroom, swimming pools and ideal for hot yoga studios.


Not recommended when balls and other flying missiles are in use.

How do I install them? - A Mirrorlite™ Glassless Mirror may be applied to any flat surface with little or no preparation. Because of its light weight, wall inserts and supports are eliminated. The mirror can be mounted directly to finished plaster, wood panelling and interior partitioning.

How do I clean my Mylar Mirror? –

Because the mirror surface is non-static, the frequency of cleaning is minimised. However, a regular weekly maintenance program that removes dirt and debris before it becomes visible is much better than an occasional “Spring Clean” which has with it a greater potential for scratching from the accumulated grime. When cleaning, moving and placing panels, wear cotton gloves to prevent transfer of fingerprints or dirt from your hands.

If your glassless mirror has accumulated excessive dust and debris, before attempting to clean the mirror, A “Swiffer”, feather duster or synthetic equivalent can work well for this. They remove larger debris before wiping, thus reducing the chance of scratching. Or use a can of compressed air (which can be found in most photographic and electronics stores) to blow away all dust and debris.

DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS as these are abrasive and could damage the Mylar.

A Mirrorlite™ Mirror can be cleaned with a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner like Windex or Johnson's "Kleen n' Shine". A soft lint-free cotton cloth should be used to apply the cleaner. It is the nature of front surface mirrors to develop small scratches over time. This doesn’t affect the reflection once you step back from the mirror. Should the surface become lightly scratched, it can be restored somewhat by applying a carnauba wax which is available in hardware stores, and polishing with a soft cloth.


Do not use abrasive, alcohol, glycol or ammonia based cleaners to clean either surface. Other cleaners that should be avoided include ketones, halogens, kitchen scouring compounds, aromatics and solvents such as thinners, acetone, gasoline, benzene and tetrachloride. Any cleaner that is abrasive or strong enough to eat through the surface should be avoided. A weak nonabrasive detergent mix in a spritzer lightly applied will work best.

Always use a clean lint free cloth or preferably micro fiber cloth and avoid rubbing hard or in circular motions. Turn the cloth often always keeping a clean side to the acrylic. It is most important to avoid rubbing the dirt on the surface as it this dirt that causes the scratching. Rinse with clear clean water, which you may also apply with a spritzer, spot drying with a clean chamois or microfibre cloth to prevent water spotting. This will remove any residual detergent, which by its slightly sticky nature will attract more dirt.

What about scratches and holes? - The air space behind the film allows it to flex under minor impact. While the film is extremely strong, a hard blow may dent the surface. This can be removed with a hot air blower. A sharp instrument can penetrate the surface. However, the penetration will not run and the remainder of the surface will be undisturbed. We have the repair tape available.

What about wrinkles and dents? - A hair dryer or heat gun can be used to remove wrinkles from the mirror. Hold hair dryer 3-5cm away from the mirror. Move in a circular fashion, working towards outside edge. Always keep the hair dryer moving in order to avoid burning the mirror film.

How can I protect my mirror? – We have covers available that suit all sizes of rollaway styles and can arrange curtains for your wall mounted versions. Highly recommended if storing and if flying missiles are present!