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Megadeck is state-of-the-art Lego for Stage Designers and Production Managers! The system of interlocking units is totally flexible allowing you to combine the units in unlimited ways, in fact, the only limit is your imagination. Megadeck allows you to benefit from quick assembly, strength and versatility at economical prices and allows you to get the most from your budget.


The huge range of units includes all the elements you need to build your own customised system. This is the only staging system to have been tested by Testsafe Australia (formerly WorkCover NSW).

The system is tested to the following load capacities:

Megadeck Steel Frame Deck with 17mm Plywood top

Uniform safe load capacity: 7.5kPa Concentrated safe load capacity 7.2kN


Megadeck Aluminium Frame Deck with 15mm Plywood top


Uniform safe load capacity: 6.6kPaConcentrated safe load capacity 4.5kN

Alloy: 36kg Steel: 61kg Specifications 2400 x 1200 x 188mm