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This is never an easy job - safety is paramount, and I would recommend the following:

• Safety glasses - these only work if you wear them and are absolutely essential

• A heavy long-sleeved shirt and trousers

• Boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes

• Grippy gloves, with a rubberised palm and fingers, these will protect your hands and help grip the pieces

of glass

• Next, you need to get or make a wire saw approximately 18" longer than your glass panel.

• To make your own, go to a fishing tackle store that specialises in big game fishing, buy some

200Lb plus braided wire or fishing braid

• Fishing braid is different from monofilament and has an inherent serration. Tell the tackle shop guys what

you are using it for

• Tie this on to some 6 x 1'' pieces of dowel or plastic handles, or better yet get the tackle shop guys to do it

for you as there are some special knots that you may not know.

• With a heavy plastic drop sheet below your broken panel, saw through the glue starting in a top corner and working your wire/braid in a sawing motion until you have it on both sides of the glass.

• Continue down the broken panel with the same sawing motion, removing the glass as you go.

• I can almost guarantee your saw will break a couple of times so be prepared with backups.

• Also useful also in this procedure is a wide blade painters Knife and a hammer to get behind the smaller pieces.

• Please be vigilant in your clean up finishing with vacuuming.

• Clean up a greater area than you can possibly imagine the glass could reach, as it probably has done so

• Dispose of your glass carefully where it is out of easy reach. Recycle it if you can.