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Glass mirrors are subject to scratching and scuffing. When cleaning, moving and placing panels, wear cotton gloves to prevent transfer of fingerprints or dirt from your hands. A regular weekly maintenance program that removes dirt and debris before it becomes visible is much better than an occasional “Spring Clean” which has with it a greater potential for scratching from the accumulated grime.

To clean, dust the panels before cleaning with liquids. A “Swiffer”, a feather duster or synthetic equivalent can work well for this. They remove larger debris before wiping, thus reducing the chance of scratching. Another effective method is to lightly blow over the surface with compressed air.

You can make an affordable and effective cleaning solution from one to two teaspoons of dish detergent in a large bucket of warm water. You could also add four tablespoons of lemon to help cut through the dirt and. If your windows or mirrors are suffering from excessive grime, add half-cup of ammonia or white vinegar.

A great tip from one of our clients, Chris Giddens, is to use a

steamer, then wipe the residue away with a squeegee.

Alternatively, use a good quality scrubber to scrub the entire mirror, then use a squeegee to wipe off the suds horizontally. Then make your way from top to bottom. Don't forget to wipe the blade off on a microfiber cloth after each swipe. *You can use crumpled newspaper to dry the mirror. This might seem counterproductive since newspaper ink often smears, but it leaves no lint particles and the ink helps polish the glass.

*Some clients have been using newspapers for ages with no problem. Since ink qualities can differ we recommend testing before wiping down the mirror