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EveryDance is a heavy-duty multi-purpose vinyl, ideally suited to all styles of dance, including ballet, theatrical, jazz, folkloric, modern and character. Suited to permanent installation and for touring, it can handle heavy scenery, props, pianos and gym equipment.

EveryDance is a hard-wearing floor covering with an embossed, slip-resistant surface for dance, events and shows.

Extraordinarily easy to lay, it is the most forgiving vinyl we have on offer.

The Russian Ballet toured with our rental vinyl and immediately bought some for their own use.

After STM Studio Supplies had tested all of the available dance floor vinyls (or at least a lot of them!), we regard this as the best all-purpose dance floor vinyl available in the world, this is why we use it as our rental floor. 

The matte non-skid finish provides the control that dancers require and it is also tough enough to withstand the beating given by tap classes.

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