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Without the protective coating of regular vinyl, combined with the porous nature of PVC, the wrong cleaner can do long term damage to your expensive dance floor.
Welcome Dirty Di! She is an instant action cleaner, formulated to attack the dirtiest jobs. Her high powered, concentrated formula dissolves and floats away hardened stains and floor polishes. Dirty Di’s medium suds formula and high performance make her ideal for pressure washers, steam cleaners and automatic scrubbing machines
Dirty Di is a purpose designed pure concentrate companion product to Sadie Suds & ROZZIE and will have your dance floors clean, safe and hygienic in triple time if used correctly.
Dirty Di cleans effectively without damaging specialist vinyl, timber or other dance surfaces. But be warned, Di bites! Take care to protect your skin and eyes.
Dirty Di is an alkaline product, which means it can affect the plasticizers in dance floor vinyl, plasticizers are what keep the vinyl flexible, essential in a floor designed to move. Ideally, wash off with the neutralizing qualities of Sadie Suds and always follow up with a good clean water rinse.
Dirty Di is non residual, non perfumed and contains no wax that would build up and cause your floor to become slippery.
Use for spot cleaning or when you have a build up of dirt over time from misadventure. Use to clean ROZZIE from floor prior to re-application and always finish up with a good clean water rinse.