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Mylar Demo Mirror
Chain Fixed Demonstation Mirror.png

In response to educational and professional needs, STM Studio Supplies has developed a range of demonstration mirrors that cater to most situations. These can be used in classrooms, science labs, professional cooking demonstrations, and event cooking shows.

STM Studio Supplies have solutions in both traditional glass and MirrorLitesMylar glassless mirrors 

We recommend the mylar systems due to there high quality image as well as their lightweight making them ideal for school environments and demonstrations.

Rear Chain Fixing
3m Demo Mirror Ponds - Highschool

Superseding Education Standard HS404.01 our ceiling fixed glass mirrors can be found in a number of classrooms nationally.


These can also be constructed with the even safer Mylar panels that have the advantage of not fogging in the steamy air.


For ease of use in different locations, a demountable option is pictured below.

Please contact us regarding sizing and pricing for the roof hung systems at