Wavebar® Quadzero®

Wavebar® Quadzero® is the most widely specified, proven, flexible noise barrier on the market today and has been for over 40 years. It’s cost-effective, it boasts high tear and tensile strength, and it uses the latest manufacturing technology to promote longer life. And it will never crack or fall apart during its lifetime. Wavebar® Quadzero® complies with the Australian Building Code, “Four Zero” 1530.3 fire rating and its foil facing deters fire from propagating through the loaded vinyl barrier. Quadzero® comprises a fabric-backed, loaded vinyl material with a foil facing, as is recommended for use in all major buildings that must meet the Code. Suitable for wall ceiling and sub-floor installation.

For information on the NRC Ratings of our products, please download Acoustic Products - NRC 


QuietWave® is a high-performance drywall noise barrier that delivers exceptional performance due to its patented constrained layer membrane.

Acoustica's QuietWall system incorporating QuietWave® delivers six-star acoustic performance, a class above the BCA requirements, from the thinnest possible wall.

The QuietWave® flexible visco-elastic membrane can be penetrated without any degradation in performance. The finished wall system has a solid feel and when impacted upon, sound resonates similar to a masonry wall.

QuietWave® increases the low-frequency performance of the wall system to counter noise from entertainment sources such as home theatres and any other electronic entertainment noise.

We have a range of options available to suit your style and budget for your acoustic needs.

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