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To effectively control the acoustics of a room you need affect 60% of the surfaces, so don’t forget the ceiling!
Lightweight foam Plano Bevel and Pyramid products are a viable alternative to less practical suspended ceiling systems.


Safely up and out of harm's way, they are extremely light and have compliant fire ratings. They glue into place instantly and rapidly with standard construction adhesives and silicone.

This allows more creative ceiling finishes and designs. Their acoustic performance is equal to or better than the suspended ceilings they replace.

NRC Plano Pyramid
The pyramid like surface acoustic tile provides the greatest area of absorption of
all because of its excellent acoustic specifications. Standard colours are white and
light grey. Non-standard colours upon request and will depend on the quantity.

NRC Plano Bevel
Plano Bevel acoustic tiles are melamine foam tiles that are highly effective
in reducing sound distortion by absorbing reverberant noise within a room Plano
Bevel acoustic tiles are group one fire rated so they can be used safely in all public
places. They are light weight and simple to install using paintable or multi purpose
silicone and come in two sizes, 625x625 and 1250x625, both at 50mm thick.
Plano Bevel gives a tiled effect where the Pyramid provides a seamless finish. They
show excellent light reflectivity in both the white and pale grey standard colours.
Colour coated products available upon request.


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