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WAVEBAR noise transmission control

Wavebar is an industry standard for reducing noise transmission between
spaces in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. Wave Bar is a
proven case for crosstalk between rooms and floors. It can increase comfort,
privacy and confidentiality and can easily be retrofitted to existing spaces.

Wavebar represents the latest in alternative noise barrier technology using
recycled polymers that are halogen-free. It was developed to meet market
noise reduction requirements for the domestic, commercial, industrial,
automotive and marine markets.
Wavebar is ideal for use between floor and in ceiling cavities as a divider.

Australian made, it enjoys an unparalleled 40+ years reputation in providing effective industry-leading performance in controlling noise. This high performing product was engineered to achieve a self-extinguishing, low smoke emission, thin, strong and highly flexible product.
These properties, combined with foil facing, give dBX added strength, high transmission loss and fire rating, complying with IMO 653.16 marine standard, and building code for low spread of flame. The foil facing also makes it easy to bond onto other substrates using matching Tape ALR adhesive or equivalent.


  • No ozone-depleting substances generated during manufacture

  • Free from lead, odour-producing oils, halogens and bitumen

  • Easy to cut, tape and mechanically fasten into position

  • Self-extinguishes upon removal of flame, does not drip

  • Resistant to water, oil and natural weather conditions

  • Tear-resistant with high tensile strength

  • Thermo-formable into different shapes (without foil facing)

  • Available in various weights, widths and roll lengths

  • Available with various laminates such as fabrics, foams and polyester fibre

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