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Fabrics of your choice can be stretched over our lightweight steel frames in combination with polyester backing or acoustic foam to hang from the ceiling or wall.  We can also print the image of your choice directly onto the fabric to create a large picture to complement your décor.

If you can blow through a fabric, sound can pass through it

Rim fabrics are an example of upholstery, partition and workstation coverings that have been developed by utilising a unique fabric formation technology that is quite different from traditional woven fabrics.
This non-woven fabric technology converts fibre into fabric in a matter of minutes in a totally mechanical process. No chemicals are used and the spinning of yarn is eliminated.
The specialised fabric structure provides the essential non-fray and hard-wearing qualities required for vertical surfaces, screens, workstations, partitions, walling and acoustic panelling. The inherent stability of the fabric means foam lamination is not required when applying to such surfaces. The non-fray characteristics provide an excellent solution to combat vandalism in upholstery situations.
In addition, the patented murenaTM style, Teknic range provides a multi-purpose fabric which is Velcro® compatible and pinnable, making it ideal for exhibit and display markets.

  • No chemicals are used

  • No toxic by-products are created

  • All waste off-cuts and selvedge trims are recycled and reprocessed back into the fabric

  • Fabrics are dyed using dispersed dyestuffs which are fully biodegradable

  • After dyeing, surplus water is recycled through our treatment plant and reused

  • Paper tubes/polythene wrap is reused or recycled after use

  • After the fabric has served its original purpose, it can be easily recycled

  • Manufactured to ISO 14001 International Environmental Standard and ISO 9001 International Quality Standard.


STM Studio Supplies has seven styles and a huge range of colours.

Trilogy One - Interior Fit Out Fabric

Harmony - Interior Fit Out Fabric

Evolve - Interior Fit Out Fabric

Metallica - Interior Fit Out Fabric

Teknic - Interior Fit Out Fabric

Data – Upholstery Fabric