free standing ballet barre
STM Studio Supplies is committed to sourcing, designing and manufacturing the things you, the user, want and need. This means accommodating the full range of your needs and appreciating budgets are a driving force trying to arrive at user friendly solutions that remain elegant, robust, and above all affordable without compromising quality. To this end we try to offer a range of alternative products in any given category, but at the end of the day rely on your feedback as to what is working for you.
pilates dancefloor
Pilates Barres
Addressing the particular demands of Pilates on conventional ballet barres, STM Studio Supplies have designed and field-tested a range of Pilates specific supports and brackets. Wall mounted, floor mounted, portable and bespoke Pilates specific barres. Designed to complement your commitment to quality.
Every dance studio needs mirrors. Whether classical, jazz or tap, mirrors help everybody observe their posture, footwork and movement. We have developed a range at STM that accommodates the temporary nature of a rented premises, the increasing need to accommodate OH&S considerations and above all, cost.
Sound And Lighting
Sound and Lighting
Ranging from the exhaustive catalogue and affordable quality of Kupo to the American standard of Modern Studio Equipment; not to mention the practicality and Australian ingenuity of Motion Services, STM Studio Supplies are happy to be suppliers of professional equipment to the film and allied industries.
Acoustic enhancement
The hard surfaces of a restaurant, school room or dance studio, from floors to mirrors, are highly reflective and lend themselves to creating a high degree of reverberation. Correctly adjusted acoustic levels in any space will make the difference between a happy and successful experience and one that has adversely affected communication and increased fatigue levels. We supply a range of products that are either classified NRC, Noise Reduction Coefficient, that absorb sound or STC, Sound Transmission Class, that block sound.
Studio Equipment
Stage and Studio Equipment
With Manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Southeast Asia and fabrics sourced internationally STM Studio Supplies is happy and able to quote on your needs for blacks,  Tracks, Greenscreens and Cycs. Make up rooms and wardrobe equipment are a speciality. STM Studio Supplies also represent Fanmaster wallmount/pedestal heaters and fans.
Hair Makeup And Wardrobe
Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe
Be it Makeup mirrors or Wardrobe racks, after 30 years we are beginning to get a handle on what works and what doesn't. Some are sourced some we make. All have our professional backup.