STM Cycloramas

Cycloramas or “Cycs” have a slightly different meaning in the Film, Television, and Photography areas than in the Theatre, but perform the same function of providing an easily lit background.

We can help with both, and more!

Film, Television and Photography

Here the cyc typically refers to an infinity cyclorama, or a wall which curves smoothly at the bottom to meet the studio floor. This creates the illusion that the studio floor continues to infinity with careful lighting and a corner less joint.
Often used in conjunction with green screen technology, the cyc can equally refer to any curving backdrop such as seamless paper or fabric from rollers or stands.
After over 35 years of experience, STM Studio Supplies brings a wealth of experience to helping you make the best decision for your particular needs.

Studio Cycs

  • STM studio supplies will supply and install from any radius including standard 40º-45º or 5- 600mm to as small as 300 and as large as 1200mm.
  • Combined with back out curtains, track, acoustic enhancement and overhead lighting rigs this can be a complete sound stage fitout for in house corporate or large scale movie studios.
  • Fully supported STM studio cycs are impervious to breaking under reasonable load and are guaranteed to this effect.
  • Can be finished in white, digital and Chroma Key green or blue

Please view our brochure: STM Cyc Information for more details.