STM Vinyl Trolley

The safest and easiest method of storage for transporting vinyl from one area to another is the STM Vinyl Trolley.

Dance floors vinyls are supplied on rolls and need to be stored and transported correctly if you want to extend their lifespan and maintain their integrity.

Our trolley design is intentionally rigid and not demountable. It is designed with rollers so that you can wind the dance floor on and off. This way you never have to lift your vinyl but let the 90mm core and attached handle do the work. This creates the potential for one person to pack away and no unnecessary back strain. As this shifts the stress to the A frame we have chosen to keep it fully welded.

  • Rolls should be stored vertically, or on racks in a dry, clean and well ventilated space.
  • Always use safe manual handling methods when moving, rolling and unrolling the rolls, please refer to your state WorkCover regulations for details
  • Always roll onto the cardboard tubes to maintain the integrity of the vinyl and eliminate creases, dents or flattening.
  • Please ensure that the ends are square and that the roll is of uniform tension, no twisting or warping or elephant feet ends.
  • Do not place objects on the rolls during transport or storage.
  • Temperature ranges during storage should fall between 10C and 25C with humidity of 40-75%
  • The vinyl should be clean, dry and free off debris prior to rolling, please request our cleaning information.