JuJu dance floor paint

Juju dance floor paint is an adapted industrial coating suitable for finishing your dance floor to give it the correct "slip" - as close to "Marley" as possible - or to make it suitable for tap and other hard shoe styles.  After extensive development and practical applications, we have found this paint suitable for most styles of dance. 

We supply it as Clear Juju (ie: colourless).  This means that you can you can retain the wonderful look of your timber floor without damaging it with hard shoe dance styles!  We strongly recommend using Bona Prime Intense clear sealer as your first coat, before applying Juju Dance Floor Paint.

We have found in practice that if you wish to tap on a Juju surface it is best not to put colour underneath.  The impact of tap shoes will chip through and expose the floor material underneath.  Whilst still quite danceable, it takes on an unattractive "speckled" appearance.  Just as vinyl does, Juju will scuff and mark over time, but that is the inevitable patina of a dance floor.  You will also need to let the floor "cure" for two weeks after painting before tapping on it.

Whether you are coating a floor as a stop gap while you save up for vinyl or as the final surface, Juju in its rainbow of colour possibilities is a very cost effective option.

We recommend buying the Tester Kit to ensure that Juju is the best solution for your floor.

We do not recommend that you use JuJu on Chipboard or MDF flooring.


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