Ballet Barres

ballet barres

Designed and Manufactured in Australia STM Studio Supplies proudly claim to make the most beautiful barres in the world. Constantly improving they come as adjustable or fixed height models for wall mounting or portable application. Each barre is customised to suit your dance classes and your budget.

To maximize performance from your barre, please see our download on Taking Care of your Dance Barre.

Floor Fixed Freestanding Ballet Barre (1)

Wall Fixed Ballet Barres (4)

Freestanding Ballet Barres (8)

Pilates Barres

Dance Floors

The heart and soul of the dance studio is the floor. Independent of the best sound system, acres of mirrors and miles of barres, it is the floor from which everything begins. A range of different surfaces and different manufacturers to match your budget and specific needs.

Sprung Floors

Unsprung Floors

Vinyl Dance Floors

JuJu Dance Floor Paint

Caring for your Floor

Slip Nomor


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