There is a range of options available to suit your style and budget, as well as your acoustic needs.


acoustic panels


Supawood Supacoustic panels, particularly with the innovative v-slot, are an effective and attractive sound absorption treatment.  They are available in a variety of timber veneers and silver or white laminates, have a range of patterns including slots, perforations and designer patterns to suit your particular aesthetic.

Supawood Panels are a stylish option which can be fitted to the wall or ceiling, incorporating your lighting if required, or suspended from the ceiling.

Supawood Panels - Nepean TAFE        Supawood Panels - St Aloysius School, Cronulla

Supawood Panels - Sydney Catholic Vocational College, Burwood

Supawood Lining Systems include drop-in, prefinished ceiling tiles that combine good looks with rapid installation into existing or new t-bar grids for full access to services in the ceiling cavity. 

Supawood Panel Lining Kit - a prefinished panel system for direct fixing including joint backing areipa doe lining broad areas of ceilings or walls.

Supawood Floating Ceiling Panels - a great retro fit to noisy corridors and an aesthetically pleasing panel to help reduce the apparent height of a room and able to accommodate lighting and other services.  Panels can be flat, raked or curved, direct or concealed fixed. 

Plano Pyramid & Plano Bevel

Plano foams are adherable panels with pyramid or bevel profiling used in high reverberation areas in various industries including industrial, pro audio, sports and anywhere requiring acoustic enhancement.  It is simple to apply, with no special tools or equipment needed.

Plano Pyramid - Sound Studio                                    Plano Bevel - Macquarie Park Cemetery

For more information download Plano Acoustic Panels.

acoustic drapes

With manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Southeast Asia plus fabrics sourced internationally, STM Studio Supplies are happy to quote on your needs for drapes and tracking systems whether for acoustic advantage or for room division as required.

acoustic fabrics

Fabrics of your choice can be stretched over our lightweight steel frames in combination with polyester backing or acoustic foam to hang from the ceiling or wall.  We can also print the image of your choice directly onto the fabric to create a large picture to complement your décor.

Fabric Covered Acoustic Panels
                                  Rim Fabrics

Rim Fabrics

Rim walling, partition and screen fabrics are established market leaders in the supply of acoustic fabrics.

With generous sizeing and a massive palette of colour and finishes Rim Fabrics are performance proven texiles we are proud to supply and use.

Please view the Rim Fabrics colour palette here - RIM Fabric range


Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is a decorative interior wall fabric that can transform noisy interiors, creating quieter working, entertaining and relaxing environments.  It has been specifically designed to manage and reduce the reverberated noise (ie: echo noise) in building interiors by absorbing sound that would otherwise be reflected and will assist designers in creating quieter, more private office or studio interiors.

Made from 100% polyester fibre, Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is a lightweight and flexible material that is ideal for use on vertical surfaces in commercial offices, theatres, libraries, retail environments, schools and even kids' bedrooms.  The fabric is pin, staple and "hook & loop" receptive so can be used as a display or noticeboard.  It is highly durable, easily cleaned and resistant to staining and fading.  And it's "green" - it is fully recyclable and follows and ecological production process, containing already recycled polyester fibres and manufactured under a zero waste policy.

Please download the Autex Quietspace Design Guide here -Autex Quietspace Design Guide

Also available in DIY Peel & Stick.

Quietspace Noticeboard Panel           Quietspace with Logo - Faith Lutheran

For images of hall applications of this product, please download Quietspace Hall Applications.

For images of multi-colour applications of this product, please download Quietspace Multi-Colour Applications.


dDECO image

STM Studio Supplies are delighted to add to our acoustic enhancement products the dECO range.

dECO Panel produce a range of sound absorbing panels that allow you to apply the fabric of your choice. Many textiles can be laminated to this cost effective panel including the RIM Fabric range.

dECO Custom is pin hole self healing when used as a pinboard

Fabrics can be printed with images and photographs, corporate logos, or original artwork then laminated to the sound absorbing backing.

dECO Panel has been acoustically tested for sound absorption performance to AS/ISO 354.2006 at the National Acoustics Laboratory Sydney by Renzo Tonin and Wood and Grieve.

You can download the dECO Panel specifications here - dECO Panel.pdf and the dECO Quiet Panel specifications here - dECO Quiet Panel.pdf

sound barriers

Used to stop transmitted noise either between floors or adjoining rooms or premises.

Wavebar® Quadzero®

Wavebar® Quadzero® is the most widely specified, proven, flexible noise barrier on the market today and has been for over 40 years. It’s cost-effective, it boasts high tear and tensile strength, and it uses the latest manufacturing technology to promote longer life. And it will never crack or fall apart during its lifetime. Wavebar® Quadzero® complies with the Australian Building Code, “Four Zero” 1530.3 fire rating and its foil facing deters fire from propagating through the loaded vinyl barrier. Quadzero® comprises a fabric-backed, loaded vinyl material with a foil facing, as is recommended for use in all major buildings that must meet the Code. Suitable for wall ceiling and sub-floor installation.

For information on the NRC Ratings of our products, please download Acoustic Products - NRC Ratings


QuietWave® is a high performance drywall noise barrier that delivers exceptional performance due to its patented constrained layer membrane.

Acoustica's QuietWall system incorporating QuietWave® delivers six star acoustic performance, a class above the BCA requirements, from the thinnest possible wall.

The QuietWave® flexible visco-elastic membrane can be penetrated without any degradation in performance. The finished wall system has a solid feel and when impacted upon, sound resonates similar to a masonry wall.

QuietWave® increases the low frequency performance of the wall system to counter noise from entertainment sources such as home theatres and any other electronic entertainment noise.

Please download the Quietwave® brochure here - QuietWave'11.pdf